Jaw Reset? What is it? How does it work and why could it be beneficial to me?

I hear you, it sounds nothing quite like anything you have heard of before. I’ll share with you why this holistic offering is quickly turning into one of my absolute favourites.

I first heard about Jaw Reset in 2020. I was nearing the completion of my Kinesiology studies and this seemed like a similar and specific offering. Drawing on my HypnoBirthing knowledge, it became quite clear that a Jaw Reset is something that many, if not all of mums I work with, could reap the benefits from. After all, direct tension in the jaw creates direct tension in the pelvis, an area we need to be relaxed for birth to optimally occur. READ THAT AGAIN! Direct Jaw tension = Direct Pelvic tension, just saying.

I began learning the techniques and received a Jaw Reset of my own. It was a profound experience. Amazingly relaxing and yet something else happened. Somewhere amongst the hand positions on the jaw, opening and closing of the eyes and jaw, I released. Not just tension, but a trauma.

You see, when I was little I didn’t like swimming. When I was about five or six years old I was in the deep end and thought I was drowning. I wasn’t. In my mind though, I was. I remember crying and screaming, it was just awful. This was the memory I released in my jaw whilst resetting. WOW! I was hooked. Let’s just say the lady performing this on me was highly intuitive as well.

It got me thinking, how many more traumas, events and discomforts are we carrying around in our jaws.

My other, YES, moment was knowing how non-invasive and relaxing the process was. This was a big tick for me when thinking about my pregnant mummas and of course anyone else I would be working with.

Okay, so what is it?

Jaw Reset works at releasing the various muscles in the face and around the jaw in order for the TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) to be optimally balanced.

By using a series of specific hand positions, the release or toning of these muscles can occur through energetic balancing. Pretty cool, huh!? The first session always involves these hand positions with your eyes open. The second session will incorporate the hand movements with your eyes closed (cue eye mask and divine relaxation). With various of these movements, it is required to have your jaw closed and then opened.

Jaw Reset boasts an extensive list of potentially releasing various body discomforts, ailments and diseases. Think along the lines of whiplash, car accidents, neck pain, stiff neck, Fibromyalgia, hearing, tooth pains, jaw numbness, tinnitus, arthritis, headaches, sinus issues, clicking TMJ’s, digestive issues and the list goes on. The healing of a person through a Jaw Reset is unique and can be subtle. Some may notice a huge shift, while others may experience more subtle changes.

To hold the space for one of these sessions is incredibly beautiful. Incorporating Australian Bush Flower Essence Sprays, calming lavender oils, acupressure, reiki, soft music, cushions to cocoon and blankets to tuck in makes the journey of one of these sessions nurturing, inward and gentle. Whenever someone books in for a Jaw Reset, I literally do a happy dance and this is why.

If you are the kind of person that likes to know what to expect, then here goes. A complete Jaw Reset is conducted over two sessions. YES, TWO sessions. This is due to the potential toxic overload to the Kidneys when releasing. Expect to come back for a second session.

Following a Jaw Reset water intake is incredibly important. This aids in the moving of released toxins into your body. I always say, be mindful of this over the following week.

If you are pregnant, it’s a no brainer for me. Doing anything to aid in the release of Jaw/Pelvic tension is a win. As I am finding out, if you’re not pregnant it can be equally important to invest in the health of your jaw.

From both professional and personal experience the power in releasing the jaw cannot be underestimated and is quite simply divine to receive.