Amid COVID-19 concerns, all HypnoBirthing classes and information evenings will be temporarily held in Zoom, online. This arrangement will allow couples of the Toowoomba region to still have access to premium independent childbirth classes.

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Meet Me

Brooke Taylor-Gough

Educator, Kinesiologist & Birth Story Healer

The warmest of welcomes to my space. Meet me, I am Brooke. I speak from the heart, love my morning coffee (or two) and totally get lit up like a thousand dancing stars in the brightest of sky nights about what I do - supporting you. The authentically raw birth of my Oliver was far from what I ever imagined and more real than I could have ever thought possible. In letting down my walls, freeing myself of expectation and perfection led to the embodiment of a truly unique journey. One that I will always be overwhelmingly proud of. That birth was the dawning of a fierce warrior, in my own right. You are unique, your journey is like no other. I am here, with fire in my belly, ready to pass nourishment to your exclusively, one-of-a-kind, never seen before, adventure. Get ready to be unapologitically authentic in your pregnancy and birth narrative. 

Brooke x

How I can help you


 A powerhouse of evidence-based childbirth education packed with an empowered punch. Where the art of relaxation, visualisation and evidence-based research marry, bringing you a lifeskill that will serve you way beyond your birthing day.


Harmonizing the physical, emotional and structural imbalances in the body, reuniting yourself with you. Awakening the subconscious to meet the conscious for lasting change.  My expertise is in sub-fertility, infertility, pregnancy, birth, birth trauma, loss and post partum.


Jaw Reset

Release pelvic tension... through the jaw! A gentle method allowing you to indulge in the benefits of energy work and letting go. Recharge, relax and reset for a tension free jaw and pelvis.

Healing Birth Trauma

Gain an insight and understanding to a traumatic or unexpectant event during birth. Birth Story Medicine is an opportunity to look at the cold, hard facts, however ugly they are. Begin seeking your truth, be listened to and choose a path of healing. Available for mums, birth companions or care providers. 

The course is brilliant and Brooke is absolutely wonderful!  She went above and beyond for me so I could have the magic birthing experience I wanted, including taking an early morning call for a fear release session before my emergency caesarean.  With her help, I felt completely at ease and empowered and I can truly say I loved my birth despite it being, in many ways, the opposite of what I had wanted.  I cannot recommendation her or HypnoBirthing highly enough!


words of love

Brooke is supportive, inspiring and enthusiastic and will guide you through the practice of HypnoBirthing. This is not just for mums, new dads and old will benefit from knowing what to expect in the lead up to birth through to holding your little one in your arms. Definitely recommend Birth Your Way if you want a successful and stress-free birth.


I don’t think you could find someone more supportive and passionate than Brooke, to help you have a positive birth experience using HypnoBirthing. We learnt so many techniques to help us have a better experience and it was great to know we could always check back in with Brooke after the course was finished if we had any concerns. I couldn’t recommend it more for anyone wanting a calmer birth.



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