What is it?

You’re in for a treat!

HypnoBirthing the Mongan Method is the original premium childbirth education backed by the most up to date evidence-based information. AKA the bees knees, the king and queen of childbirth education.

Get informed, educated, empowered and fully equipped with the tools to move with and create your own journey. The program speaks for itself with recommendations from Midwives and Obstetricians.

How does it work?

This powerhouse quartet speaks for itself. It gives to you, the power of informed decision making (hoorah!), the choice to leave fear behind, self-relaxation for a calmer, safer and more satisfying birth and an indepth understanding of how the mind and body communicate (they truly are best friends) and how you can change or influence this.


Mumma, you are amazing!

Being free of fear is liberating, having the ability to influence your stress and comfort levels is transformational and a game changer.

I don’t teach you how to give birth (you already know this), I will teach you how your own innate wisdom will always reveal exactly what you need to birth. Learn how and why your body works the way it does, with such precision regardless of the journey.

Trust your body and the amazing being you are carrying, surrender and birth your way, authentically you.


You were such an important part to Mina’s birth. You were a soothing voice, warm hug, bundle of light. I will never forget the power you opened within me.

– Eliza-Jane Nooriafshar

Birth Companions

Simply put, you are more than important in the birth of your baby

You are the confidante, advocate, soother, counsellor, masseuse, site manager, director, nurturer, meal prepper… the list goes on.

As a birth companion you will learn just how to support your partner through pregnancy, all stages of birth and the post partum life.

You will be the one and only expert in supporting your family.


“As a pretty skeptical guy I honestly thought my wife was just taking up an hour or so of my precious time off, taking me along to Brooke’s HypnoBirthing classes. I can now say that Brooke could charge twice as much money & it would still be incredibly good value. Brooke went way beyond anything I could have ever expected. Can you really put a price on a happy, calm & safe birth for your partner & child with an incredibly supportive HypnoBithing specialist? Of course you can’t. These courses should be standard practice in every country.” – Paul Spendlove

What will I learn?

  • How fear affects the birthing experience
  • Exploration of your beliefs about birth and how they could be holding you back from your most authentic birthing day
  • The fear-tension-pain syndrome. What it is and how to avoid it
  • Vocabulary people! The importance of how you speak about birth and our subconscious interpretation
  • The physiological process of birth… what the heck is actually happening to your body?!
  • Breathing techniques to assist what your amazing body is doing (as a classically trained vocalist, I fully understand the importance of breath work – it truly is amazing)
  • Birth companions support. Tips, tricks and evidence for birth companions to be the most amazing support imaginable
  • Instant self-relaxation techniques and visualisations for a birth beyond your wildest dreams
  • Being connected to your baby NOW! Building a relationship as a family
  • Birthing with your baby – assisting, not resisting
  • Special circumstances and how to be prepared for the birth of your babies’ choosing
  • Natural comfort measures- rebozo, acupressure and so much more!
  • Trusting your instincts and your body
  • Advocating for your birth choices
  • And so much more

Why it's for you

Hippy dippy or just plain sense? Let me get one thing straight, HypnoBirthing is for everyone, for all pregnancy’s and birth journeys. I’ve not once met a family who regrets the decision to invest in their birthing. The education and tools you will receive will serve as a lifelong skill (I hear this time and again from the families I work with).

From powerful homebirths, healing VBAC’s (vaginal births after cesarean) to empowered cesarean sections and everything in between. I am constantly in awe of how a couple can totally own their birth with the right tools, education, information and dedication – regardless of how the birth may look.

Birth leaves a story, an imprint and an experience…invest in yours and you will reap the amazing benefits.


  • 12.5 hours of evidence-based education
  • My support pre, during and post course
  • HypnoBirthing the Mongan Method book and CD
  • Handout folder including visualisations, hypnotic scripts
  • MP3 relaxation downloads
  • Weekly homework emails
  • Personalized online platform for registration
  • Birth preference documents
  • Exclusive access to two private Facebook groups connecting you with fellow HypnoBirthing couples, locally and nationally
  • A little gift from me to you

HypnoBirthing Class Dates


Series 1 – COMPLETED

Series 2 – Saturday’s 18 May, 25 May, 1 Jun, 8 Jun, 15 Jun (5 SPOTS LEFT)

Series 3 – Saturday’s 10 Aug, 17 Aug, 24 Aug, 31 Aug, 7 Sep (6 SPOTS LEFT)

Series 4 – Saturday’s 2 Nov, 9 Nov, 16 Nov, 23 Nov, 30 Nov (6 SPOTS LEFT)

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Images courtesy of Hannah Paulsen Photography, Jen Shipston from the Heart of Motherhood and Fleur and Mae Photography.