My Story

Hello, welcome and let me start by saying I feel most excited to have you here. Why? Because you are embarking on a magical time in your life (believe it!).

I am first and foremost mother to Oliver, Ivy and three angel babies, wife to the most amazingly honourable man, Aleksandr and I am mostly known as Brooke – the birth junkie.

I am a Gold Seal Certified HypnoBirthing Educator, Registered Kinesiologist, Birth Story Listener, Reiki and Australian Bush Flower Essences Practitioner. I am also the proud founder and author of the Living After Loss Course (pregnancy loss is something I hold very dear to my heart). Fun fact, I have used all of my offerings at some point or another in my own life.

So, let’s cut straight to it… I get it. I know first-hand the excitement and perhaps also not, of being pregnant, the multitude of rushing emotions and the crippling anxiety that may bring. I get it!

It’s all new. Whether it’s your first, second, third, fourth (go you!), healing from a traumatic birth or that long awaited rainbow baby.

So, I find myself here helping you create your own authentic experience, as a family (or individual). It will look different to mine and that is something to celebrate. Why? Because in our own right we are all birthing warriors just waiting to be unleashed.

Showing up, investigating your emotional baggage, putting in the work, leaving no stone unturned and informing yourself are your weapons to an ultimately satisfying and nourished journey. This will hold you in the highest of stead while letting go of the expectation or pre-conceived idea of the “perfect” birth and leaning into the journey that is yours.

What I have learnt personally and through the gorgeous couples I work with is that showing up, being informed and having the tools for whatever path your birthing takes you on is an absolute necessity – NOT a luxury. I can guarantee you, the expensive but very nice looking pram will not serve your transformation into parenthood, as shiny as it may look.

I will be your lighthouse of hope, supporter, challenger, motivator, educator, safety and living proof that positive birth does exist, regardless of the journey. I will celebrate your successes, challenge your beliefs and honour your experience. I will help you to make your story the rawest, realistic expression of your journey, lifting it up and giving it the acknowledgment it absolutely deserves.

I am there, holding space for the exploration of fears, doubts, trauma and challenges. Change doesn’t happen from doing nothing, get honest about your story, what you need and desire. And just know, I am here, to help you create the change, to be the change and positively impact the change to come.

I stand here with complete conviction and know there is a positive way to birth and am constantly reminded of this when I hear families say “lets do that again!”.

Brooke xx


Are we meant to be?

If you...

– Wholeheartedly wish be part of a revolutionary way of birthing

– Wish to seek the tools to support yourselves during pregnancy and birth (and in fact for life)

– Are willing to give it your all (practice time, energy)

– Are willing to be open to new and exciting possibilities (go there! Your potential is unlimited)

– Want unwavering support and encouragement

– Want to be lifted up, honoured and held in the utmost highest of respect for your journey

– Want to be welcomed (with open arms and an open heart) into an inclusive environment regardless of background, race, gender identity, job title etc

– Are up for fun along the way…

Then I am here for you.

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What I stand for

Nurturing you as a whole person (spirit, mind and body), fairly and equally in a compassionate space. All interactions are made consciously and out of the highest good, taking into account personalised considerations for you. I am here, open, honest and ready to support you, the stars of your journey.