Living After Loss

What is it?

The Home of the Living After Loss eCourse.

It is not you who has the story of your loss terribly wrong, it is society. Loss, it isn’t spoken about nearly enough. The support is not brought to light, nearly enough. I am here to change that.

Chances are, you are here seeking support through the grief of a loss. I am so terribly sad and sorry that we get to meet this way. You are not alone.

The Living After Loss course holds a very special place in my heart. I have lived and breathed the tremendous grief of losing babies’ through miscarriage. It was from the loss of those babes that this course was born.

Priding itself on inclusivity, the Living After Loss Course is suitable for Miscarriage, Stillbirth, Early Infant Loss or Terminated Pregnancy. All are welcome and invited in a loving and safe space.

A relentless amount of time was spent seeking answers and different modalities to help me and my family move through and with our grief. The end product is a 100-page course, to guide you through your loss in a holistic space, in your own time from the comfort of your own home. This course is a holistic guide to healing after miscarriage, connecting heart, mind, body, spirit and community.

How does it work?

Through the gentle guidance of this course you will be offered a supportive and groundbreaking way to aid in your loss journey. This course has been specifically designed to debunk myths, answer questions around what to expect and options to consider, exercises to bring you back to your center, exercises to provide you with insight into your world during the grief but also around loss, top tips around how to be best supported during this time, a partner spotlight to provide support for the both of you, specific meditations to work through loss and with grief and so much more!


Mumma, you are not alone

I hear you. I know your grief. I’ve been there, felt it, seen it, breathed it and cried it out until I thought I had no more tears to give. I know you’re hurt, like there’s no tomorrow and it’s not okay, which is perfectly okay.

Through acknowledging what has just happened is not okay, you will, with time, begin to see those glimpses of okay. You will start to feel a sense of self again. You are not alone dear mumma, you are a living breathing human with very real emotions.

A little bit of my heart will be with you every step of the way through this course.


You will have already started imagining this little human, what their life may hold for them, felt the joy of meeting them for the first time, seen them at school and probably have a name list in the making … this is big. Don’t diminish this, don’t down play it, call it for what it is … you have just lost a little soul who was very dear to you and that’s worthy of your emotions … and I validate you. – Brooke Taylor-Gough


As a partner, grieving the loss of a baby can be isolating and confusing

It’s shit: miscarriage and loss. You see your partner in pain both physically and emotionally and you want to help. Mix in a whole heap of grief, sadness, confusion and perhaps you’re feeling a little alone. Be reassured you are not.

Through the use of this course you will learn to give yourself permission to grieve. You will also learn ways to support your partner during this process and understand what might be happening.


Hindsight is beautiful – but it is exactly that, in the past. Would I do things differently? If I had access to this guide – the answer would be, yes. I would take the time to grieve, but also the time to engage in appropriate self-care measures that would have allowed me to face my reality, in a supportive environment.  – Aleksandr Taylor-Gough

What will I learn?

  • Energy in motion – accepting and working with grief
  • Debunking “good” versus “bad” emotions
  • Self-talk around emotions during grief
  • When emotions become unhealthy and avoidance
  • Your own conditioning around emotions and exercises to work through this
  • Self-acceptance with meditations included
  • The physical changes and what may be happening for you through a miscarriage
  • Birthing a miscarriage
  • What miscarriage is that? Classifying miscarriages and what to expect during them
  • Your options around the birth of your miscarriage and taking back your power during this process
  • Tell kids and supporting your family
  • Partners and grief, options, intimacy and postpartum
  • Ways to bring the body back to healing and balance
  • Exercises acknowledging your baby and the life that was and memory that always will be
  • Honouring and healing – commemorating the life that was and ways to do this
  • Grief and the postpartum stage of loss
  • Experiencing loss in the field – for pregnancy and birth workers who are experiencing infertility, sub-fertility or loss
  • Intimacy after loss
  • Postpartum stages
  • Key triggering moments to be aware of
  • Trying again for a baby
  • The one year anniversary
  • Supportive services
  • And so much more!!!

Why it's for you

  • I still remember it – the moment I informed someone I miscarried. I got a blank stare and the conversation was then brushed over. I still find this hard to comprehend. It seems unfortunate that our loss had caused them that much discomfort, when in truth, our discomfort was far more.
  • The times we have been asked ‘when are you having another baby?’ My reply ‘we just lost one’.
  • I have witnessed a mountain of compassion and love when the death of an elderly family member is announced, but quite the opposite when my loss of my baby is mentioned.”

Nodding your head? Do these comments hit you right in the heart? This is my why. My why led me to bring this course to you.


  • 100-page Living After Loss course
  • Access to a private Living After Loss eCourse Support Group
  • Guided Meditations via QR Codes
  • Guided worksheets
  • Access to a “Post Loss” meditation for pregnancy or conception.
  • Life changing information around loss
  • My unwavering love and support in the form of a virtual hug and the knowledge that you are not alone

$89 (with a $129 value)

Securing your copy of the Living After Loss Course

I trust this guide will bring some balance to your loss journey
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