Birth Story Medicine

Trauma in birth is real.

Unwanted events can occur and the rollercoaster of emotions, feelings or uncomfortable physical aches are completely valid.

You are not going mad or insane! You are experiencing trauma.


Have you been questioning how your birth unraveled?

Are you frustrated, angry and sad?

Are you all of this and so much more?

You are not alone.

Giving yourself the space and time to heal is imperative to you moving forward.

Get ready to dive deep and be given the opportunity to share your story in a compassionate and judgment free space where you will be truly listened to.


Brooke has helped me endlessly following a difficult pregnancy and birth. I found the changes to my daily life after each session enormous. From helping with separation anxiety, the stress of becoming a new mum and finding peace with my birth story, Brooke is so understanding and helpful

– Madeline Grummitt

Birth Companions & Care Providers

So, you witnessed a birth that has left you feeling helpless and a bit traumatised?

You feel the weight of the world on your shoulders and just want to breathe fully and deeply again.

Birth trauma can affect all involved in the birth. Your feelings… completely real.

A session will help you make sense of the events that surrounded the birth you witnessed, in a safe and supportive environment.

What is it?

Birth Story Medicine is an exploration where you can begin to make sense of the story that has unraveled.

The physical events that happened cannot be changed BUT your perception and story about them can be.

How it works

During a personalised Birth Story Listening session you can begin putting the puzzle pieces back together.

This demands looking at your true self, how you perceive your story and how you want to change the narrative where you are the author.

True healing can begin and new meaning may be born.

Yes it takes work. Yes it may be confronting. This is where authentic magic happens!

Why its for you

Birth trauma can affect your sense of self, self confidence, relationships, bonding with your baby, future births, mental health… New meaning may be born for those seeking the answers.

I want in

I'm so thrilled you are ready to investigate. I am here, by your side and ready to support you.

Image courtesy of Jen Shipston from the Heart of Motherhood.