I could sit here and say, do it, sign up, you won’t regret it, TRUST ME! But… if you’re anything like me, you want to know more. You want to find out the information you are seeking before investing in something as (let’s be honest) amazing as this. You want to know, what’s in it for you? Will this truly help your journey?

So, I am here to share the why’s with you.

1. HypnoBirthing International is the original HypnoBirthing Program. Running for over thirty years, it really is the bee’s knees. Why? It’s backed by the latest science. It boasts an amazing suite of evidence-based information, supported by numerous care providers. Just ask the Midwives, Obstetricians and Doula’s that see it in action. One look at the wide smiles of a freshly born mother and partner will tell you this.

2. HypnoBirthing International is offered in a range of hospitals, worldwide! Why? Because it works. The faith in this program has been witnessed many times and the offerings of it in some hospitals is evidenced by this. Kind of a big deal!

3. I have seen this program deliver, time and time again. On a professional level I have had couples come back for a second time, because the first was just so amazing they had to refresh their knowledge. I have had conversations with couples where they expressed their gratitude at having the tools from HypnoBirthing because things didn’t pan out how they expected.

I have also witnessed this first-hand, on a personal level. I have experienced the moments during pregnancy and birth where HypnoBirthing really stood up for me and my family. Through the tough and seemingly endless moments, to the times when special circumstances arose and decisions needed to be made, right through to the really simple and easy moments. It hasn’t stopped there for me. HypnoBirthing continues to show up for me, day in, day out. It is a lifestyle, a complete change of mindset and thoroughly necessary tool for parenting and beyond.

4. I like to consider myself a transparent person, honest and open. So, to every single couple I have ever worked with, I always mention that I have no magic wand, and neither does HypnoBirthing. I wish I did, but that’s not how this works. What you put in, to classes, your antenatal experience, pre-postpartum prep, parenting, life… is what you will get out. Besides, where is the fun in pointing a wand or snapping your fingers and wishing the journey away. Dedicate yourself to learning, being educated, knowing about informed consent, practicing and you WILL reap the benefits, regardless of what your journey looks like.

I speak with complete conviction; the HypnoBirthing International program is life changing. Jump on this now! There is no time to lose when you can be one step closer to the most amazing and life changing experience of your life.

But don’t take my word for it, find a gold seal educator near you and simply connect in. We are out here and waiting to be part of your positive journey, whatever that looks like.