What is it?

Balance, balance, balance! We have all got "stuff" to deal with. Beliefs and patterns that no longer serve our highest good. Kinesiology restores the balance your body and life is yearning for. It's real, raw and judgment free. Begin to identify what stressors are impacting your internal world.  Great discovery and enlightenment can be unleashed as you find new ways to deal with your emotional, physical or mental wellbeing. Magic, huh? Not quite. Making and sustaining true balance requires dedication, commitment and surrender to look at the bigger picture of your health.


How it works

Creating energetic balance with Kinesiology uses the technique of Muscle Testing (pretty nifty, huh!), a non-invasive way of locating where stress or imbalance sits in your body. Like a computer, once we can identify where and what the imbalance is, we can clear it and make way for change, growth and healing. Take true charge of your life where responsibility and growth may meet.  If you are seeking quick responses, allowing healing and true discovery then this is for you.

Why it's for you

I hear you. From a personal and professional leveI I  have both empathy and sympathy. I understand the anxieties, fear and mixed bag of emotions that seemingly flood your entire being. I offer these sessions for women who are trying to conceive, are pregnant, anticipating birth, have experienced birth trauma, experienced the loss of a baby or for the post partum stage. I understand wholeheartedly the emotions that come from imbalance, fear, grief and the changes associated with many journeys, I get it. So mumma, let's connect.



What you can expect

A nurturing, safe space with a heart full of love, compassion and empathy. Be prepared to dig deep (that's where the change is and you have my full confidence!), share and find true insight in my judgment free zone. Similiar to an artist, when painting a picture, the variety of tools used can vary. There is no one size fits most scenario here. Because of this I use a range of balancing methods tailored to what will serve your body best. These may range from moving energy through body points, brain/heart integration (let's get those two talking again), sound healing, crystal healing and nutritional deficiencies to name a few. But it doesn't stop there, oh no! You have some important life work to do. Take home practical exercises to help you integrate what you discovered.

Best for




Birth Trauma

Post Partum brain fog

Post Partum depression




Sleep deprivation


I want in

Yes! I can't wait to work with you.

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