Gentle Birth Information Session

What is it?

So you're pregnant? This is super exciting but perhaps you're not feeling the enthusiasm just yet. Let's meet up! This information session will give you an insight on how you can have a more gentle, informed and positive birthing day. I will share tips, tricks and evidence-based information to help you on your journey.


You will learn

These nights really are the best! Hold your hats because you will learn..

HypnoBirthing and how it can Help you have an amazing birth.

Reduce tension, stress and fear around birth (this is huge!).

Assist your labour, rather than resist.

Be more comfortable during your labour using proven techniques.

Birth companions role, (and it is a pretty important one) why and how it is vital to birthing.

Birth trauma and how to avoid it.

All of this and so much more!


Everyone loves a good freeby. So here it is.

Take away my Five Top Tips for a calmer, more informed birthing.

Listen to an amazing birth story, first hand from one of my HypnoBirthing families.

Your birth toolkit... Leave with a hands-on activity and a clearer idea on what you want for your family birthing experience.



Yes, I want in!

Want to join me for my next  Gentle Birth Information Session? Yay! I'd love to meet you.

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