My Story

Hello, welcome & let me start by saying I feel most excited to have you here. Why? Because you are embarking on a magical time in your life (believe it!).

I am mother to Oliver & three angel babies, wife to the most amazingly honorable man, Aleksandr & mostly known as Brooke - the birth junkie.

So let's cut straight to it... I get it. I know first hand the excitement and perhaps also not, of being pregnant, the multitude of rushing emotions and the crippling anxiety that may bring. I get it! So here is my story, a whole lot of raw and real feels.


For me it was a little like this...

Past emotional baggage and mental health surfacing at the most inappropriate time. Those two red lines... utter excitement... OR utter dread and fear (I have experienced both throughout various pregnancies, so I get it). The pure fear of losing another baby. The enormity of birth and what the heck actually happens and can I actually do this?  The joy and elation that all the time, money and energy spent working our butts off for a positive birth experience has paid off, ten fold. The gratitude of holding our baby. The knowledge that my warrior showed up and is here to stay (hooray). The complete calm that the journey was nothing like I thought but TOTALLY worth it.


It's all new. Whether its your first, second, third, fourth (go you!) or that long awaited rainbow baby.

My expertise is founded on helping you create your own authentic experience, as a family (or individual). It will look different to mine and that is something to celebrate. Why? Because in our own right we are all birthing warriors just waiting to be unleashed.


Showing up, investigating your emotional baggage, putting in the work, leaving no stone unturned and informing yourself are your weapons to an ultimately satisfying and nourished journey. This will hold you in the highest of stead while letting go of the expectation or pre-concevied idea of the "perfect" birth and leaning into the journey that is yours.


On a personal note of the "perfect" birth. In a past life I had a pre-conceived idea of what that birth looked like. This idea did not serve me at all, in fact it held me ransom to a way of birthing that partly was not to be part of our special day. What did serve me, was having my weaponary on hand, the tools I used in HypnoBirthing to create our own journey. One to be celebrated, rejoiced in and completely unapolegtically raw. The skill set gained from Touch for Health, fully allowing me to dig deep and amplify my authentic self and journey into the post partum period (I wish I had known about it during pregnancy- seriously jump on this! It is life altering).


What I have leant is that showing up, being informed and having the tools for whatever path your birthing takes you on is an absolute necessity - NOT a luxury. I can guarantee you, the expensive but very nice looking pram will not serve the transformation into parenthood.


I stand here with complete conviction and know there is a positive way to birth and am constantly reminded of this when I hear families say "lets do that again!".

Brooke x

Are we meant to be?

If you...

- Wholeheartedly wish be part of a revolutionary way of birthing

- Wish to seek the tools to support yourselves during pregnancy and birth (and in fact for life)

- Are willing to give it your all (practice time, energy)

- Are willing to be open to new and exciting possibilities (go there! Your potential is unlimited)

- Want unwavering support and encouragment

- Want to be lifted up, honoured and held in the utmost highest of respect for your journey

- Are up for fun along the way...

Then I am here for you.

© 2020 by Brooke Taylor-Gough

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