I remember when I attended my first HypnoBirthing® class.  I walked into that class excited to learn more about the topic that had been given such a great wrap.  And boy did it deliver.  I walked out, after the first session, feeling like the possibilities were endless, that my pregnancy and birth for that matter was going to be so exciting.  I had a renewed sense of bazinga about me.  As the weeks went on and we attended more of the classes I, along with family and friends noticed a drastic change in my outlook on not only birth, but life.  I was sleeping better (thanks to the awesome Rainbow Relaxation tracks we played every night), I felt more rested, better able to handle anything thrown at me during work hours or in family life, I could concentrate for longer, I was eating better, exercising more and I was developing an amazing bond with my baby and my husband at the same time (even baby Taylor-Gough was responding).  I was sold.  Life was great.  Our birth was impending and I couldn’t wait!  A week after baby Taylor-Gough was born and we were still listening to Rainbow Relaxation, after all that is what baby had been listening to for, well, his whole life in utero!  HypnoBirthing® continued to support us through those first few weeks and beyond with the late night get up’s, night time breast feeding and early morning rises.  Family and friends were astounded at baby Taylor-Gough’s chilled presence and easy going nature, as they were with our laid-back attitude, and all because of HypnoBirthing®. Fast forward a whole year later (baby Taylor-Gough has just turned one… I can’t even mention it without getting a little tear in my eye) and HypnoBirthing® still has a massive presence in my life.  Apart from the obvious, I am a HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Educator, it has continued to shape the way I think, feel and behave.  So exactly how does all of this fit in?  For me it came down to five main factors.

  1. Being informed AKA I’ll ask the questions! INFORMATION, INFORMATION, INFORMATION! I cannot say it enough.  Our journey through HypnoBirthing® allowed us to gather all of the information, fact from fiction, and lead us to making informed decisions.  In a nut shell WE held the reigns, WE made the choices, WE were the drivers!  Birth happens when birth happens, babies come into this world when and how they want to so by having the information at hand, when baby decides to deviate from your well intentioned plan, YOU are informed and feel in control of the decisions being made about YOUR body. Being informed leads to my next point of being empowered.
  2. Empowered AKA I am woman hear me roar! Being informed really led to a completely, 100% empowering birth experience.  The feeling of overwhelming satisfaction, the fact that I DID IT (I know, such a ridiculous notion when of course I did it, I was made to do it) and the knowledge that we made all of the decisions really left its oversized empowered stamp right across my heart!
  3. Busting those myths AKA cut the bull. Over the years there has been an accumulation of old wives tales passed down.  Most of these wives tales are quite irrelevant and complete and utter bull-shift.  Enter HypnoBirthing®, the leader in myth busting.  We get back to basics and look at the facts, the evidence and the down-right logical way our bodies work.  So no more fear-mongering please!
  4. Relax AKA Sit down, take a load off and CHILL! One of the major facets in HypnoBirthing® is relaxation.  And let’s face it, who doesn’t love to relax?  This is probably one of the more poignant parts of the program that I still actually practice daily.  Taking 30 minutes while master 1 sleeps to just BE, listen to meditation and escape!  AHHH, BLISS!  The best thing about relaxation?  It’s all benefit and no risk.  Hell yeah!
  5. Simplified AKA My life is already busy enough… let’s make it easier. I look at my life, I have a busy husband in a busy job, an on-the-go one year-old, I run a business, am involved in a hip and happening Maternity Consumer Network organisation… oh and let’s just remember the countless loads of washing, cooking and cleaning… Super mum, I THINK SO, but aren’t we all.  This description fits so many beautiful mummas and daddas today.  Busy is not a new concept to anyone.  Drum roll please, HELLO HypnoBirthing®.  Simple, practical, and logical information, learning and techniques for the busy everyday mumma and dadda to practice.  Not only will it be having a positive influence on your baby and relationship with baby but it drastically impacted on our life… END OF STORY!  It is easy to become so disconnected from family, friends and anything that reminds us of who we are… HypnoBirthing® helped me to reconnect and build a positive expectancy with our number one Birth your way HypnoBirthing baby!

In a nut shell, HypnoBirthing is AWESOME and positively changing lives everyday, not just ours but also that of our precious little bundles  of joy.